House, residence or apartment, office or shop, your space is as unique as you!

It is an entire ... universe, made with your aesthetics, that exudes something of your personality and aura!

Every renovation of your space, whether it is a minor or a radical change, looks like you are re-creating this "universe" from the beginning!

That's why we need a careful study of space and original, creative suggestions, made just for you.

The most basic criterion for the effective use of a space is the positive aura it causes to those in it. Renovating your home as well as renovating your business space is essential for enhancing their functionality and for the aesthetic enjoyment of those who use them.

Trust Rotor SA's know-how and experience and refresh your home, office or business with quality materials and functional design at a competitive cost. Having a great experience in renovating houses and business premises (offices, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, etc.), we can offer you a more comfortable and enjoyable day-to-day living in your home (detached house, apartment) or a more functional and friendly Employing your business environment.



Flat Renovation Athens Center

Renovation of apartments in a block of flats on Harilaou Trikoupi in Athens for Airbnb use.

Flat Renovation for Airbnb use

Flat Renovation for Airbnb use at Athens center.

Keep your house warm at winter and cool at summer


As summer arrives a cool house is a must. The solutions to maintain the right temperature in our space must be sought beyond the exclusive use of the air conditioner and the cost that this entails.

The thermal insulation of a building offers a "protection net" so that in winter the rate at which heat escapes from the building decreases and the rate which heat is introduced into the building decreases during the summer. With the right thermal insulation, the thermal comfort that every homeowner wants in his home during all seasons is achieved. At the same time it is protected from all weather conditions and climatic changes - as extreme as it may be - while avoiding the unpleasant effects of moisture and condensation of water vapor (mold, fungi, black spots).

The most important points to apply thermal insulation are:

  • The rooftop
  • The vertical aspects of the building, ie the walls (external thermal insulation or internal thermal insulation)
  • The roof of the pylon


What are its benefits?

  •  Reduces energy and fuel consumption up to 65%.
  •  The quality of living is rising sharply in a properly insulated home.
  •  Problems created by moisture are eliminated, so your property and health are also protected.
  •  Your dwelling will be upgraded aesthetically and will feature a high-quality energy certificate, thus gaining more sales or rental value.
  •  Insulation will be dampened within five years.