Photo from the project Bathroom Renovation Athens

Bathroom Renovation Athens

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Bathroom rebuilding-renovation in Athens.

ROTOR SA has created on its customers behalf a bathroom, which is the ultimate relaxation place in your own home.

The bathroom must be designed to facilitates its use and serve a variety of activities. Most bathrooms other than a sanitary area are also a place of relaxation and care and therefore it needs attention to ergonomics and the choice of items that are going to be placed.

It is important that the room has good lighting and good ventilation, assisted by a bathroom ventilator.

ROTOR SA, taking this factor into account in design, has also taken advantage of natural lighting for the best performance. An ergonomic sunroof was built to allow both daylight and night light to adequately illuminate the bathroom space. In addition, LED lights in the space contribute economically to the ergonomics.

In addition to design, a very important element is the quality of the materials and items that will be selected in the design and configuration of the bathroom. The conditions and the way of using the bathroom require materials that are resistant to continuous exposure to moisture and long-term use of, many times strong and toxic, cleaning products.