Photo from the project Bathroom Renovation Nea Smyrni Athens

Bathroom Renovation Nea Smyrni Athens

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Total renovation of a bathroom by ROTOR Renovations, in an apartment in the area of ​​Nea Smyrni, Athens.

In the radical renovation of the bathroom, the beginning was done by removing all kinds of sanitary ware and tiles already in the bathroom.

These work gave us the opportunity to carry out an integrated control over the water supply and sewerage network where we identified needs that we needed to intervene to make the necessary changes and replacements.

Then the electrician dealt with the changes in the bathroom's electrics (supplies, lighting, etc.). Once all these tasks were completed, we proceeded to the plastering process and gave a slight incline to the floor to guide the water in the drainage.

Then we proceeded to placing the tiles on the walls and the floor. Followed by the painter, who gave the final color to the bathroom.

This was followed by the installation of sanitary ware, furniture and bathroom accessories (hangers, wall-mounted disposers, etc.).

Regarding the choice of the bathroom battery and toilet, our advice is to choose those made of copper or bronze because, in addition to beautiful looks and performance, they also last. Also, today's bathroom batteries do more than just adjust the water flow intensity. Although in the bathroom the choice is mainly based on style, e.g. modern or classic, most of the time the bathroom battery is combined with the accessories (towel hanger, toilet paper case, bathrobe hangers) to create a unified set of aesthetics.