Photo from the project Common Spaces Renovation of Hotel Andronikos Mykonos

Common Spaces Renovation of Hotel Andronikos Mykonos

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Reconstructions in Andronikos Hotel's common spaces in Mykonos.

The common areas of the hotel have been designed according to their new operational needs with new design and decoration of modern requirements.

The reception and customer service area has the predominant feature of the reed and the contrast of the natural color of the wood with the white, basic Aegean characteristic. A very long marble bench made of white marble comes to form the reception desk and customer service, organizing the reception area.

Lighting is applied by placing asymmetric recesses on walls and ceilings.

Falce ceilings were designed on two levels with hidden LED illumination.

The quality of lighting plays a very important role in the operation of the area, used 24 hours a day. For this reason a special lighting study was implemented with modern systems and various lighting scenarios, depending on the multi-dimensional needs of the space.

Outside, a spacious outdoor area, surrounded by beautiful gardens, was housed with roofs and rope tents, emphasizing Mykonian style.