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Home Renovation - Bathroom

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Renovation of bathroom at home in Athens.

Work included:

  • removing the bath,
  • new re-design of the bathroom for proper ergonomics of the space
  • installation of new plumbing facilities
  • installation of mosaic tiles by our specialized staff.

For tiles and sanitary ware, ROTOR offers you the best prices at the best quality, ready-made, from partner stores to choose from according to your needs and preferences.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and looking for ideas that will transform it, we have solutions for you.

Small bathrooms are not meant to have all the same functions. Depending on the size of the apartment or house in general, it is decisive for how we will renovate it and to extent it depending on the needs of the space.

A small bathroom can be:

  • A small wc consisting of a toilet and wash basin, and is intended for guests to wash their hands and their basic needs
  • A small bathroom consisting of a toilet, sink and shower or a small bathtub. A fully functional bathroom to cater for all the needs of the tenants and may also be the main toilet on one floor of a maisonette.