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Kitchen Renovation Eastern Attica

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November 2015

Renovation of kitchen in the area of ​​Eastern Attica

Kitchen refurbishment in recent years is the most popular choice for your home, especially when you are not able to make or do not need to do a complete home renovation.

The importance of kitchen renovation lies in the fact that it is a place where the whole family gathers and spends several hours of the day. Certainly a kitchen renovation will strongly change the desire to stay in it and will improve its aesthetics.

The tasks included include:

  • Plastering the points where the old tiles were removed and in the new plumbing and electrical installations
  • Placement of new kitchen furniture and electrical appliances.
  • Place and connect the sink and its battery.
  • Place new kitchen marbles on new kitchen tiles
  • Connection of built-in electrical appliances
  • Painting the kitchen by painting the walls for the best aesthetics of the space.