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Repair of Wooden Floor

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Renovation, refreshment and repair of wooden floor by Rotor AE.

The wooden floor of your house is still valuable, but some signs of wear may mitigate its aesthetics. Strong signs of use, scratches, tears and local "tanning" are signs of need for maintenance.

The process of preserving a wooden floor serves to enhance the beauty of the wood, improve the aesthetics of the area and protect the wood (from use, wear and tear, existing conditions, etc.)

The phases that were followed for the repair the wooden floor and its polishing are as follows:

  • completing the wooden floor with new timber at the point where the old wardrobe was placed 
  • sanding the entire surface of the floor with 2-3 different sandpaper numbers to smooth it properly at the points required due to age and / or floor strokes
  • 3-layer floor polish for excellent flooring protection and appearance

The complete maintenance of a wooden floor is a particular process whose quality depends on 3 factors:

  1. The skill of the craftsman. Maintenance (like construction) requires proper handling by qualified personnel. Each defect during maintenance is displayed after the final finish, when it is too late.
  2. The quality of maintenance materials. As with all construction and building materials, there is a quality scale, as in this case. The cost of materials (varnishes, primers, etc.) to be used will greatly affect the overall cost.
  3. Completeness in equipment. Proper and complete maintenance requires specific machines and tools that will help the technician to deliver the best result. They must be modern and meet current requirements.

In conclusion, successful selection is the one that offers the appropriate cost - quality ratio. The cost, the aesthetic result and the durability are interrelated factors, both in the maintenance of a wooden floor of your home and in the renovation of a home.