Photo from the project Renovation of Hotel Rooms in Mykonos

Renovation of Hotel Rooms in Mykonos

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Rooms and areas reconstruction of hotel "Andronikos" in Drafaki, Mykonos.

This unique architectural design was made by Klab in 2009, in an 1990 building and in 2017 ROTOR SA proceeded with additional reconstructions and renovations.

The traditional architecture of Mykonos is unique. Calcified bulks with rounded corners, curved fences from stonework separating properties, narrowly cobbled streets, etc. are some of the features of Cycladic architecture that has evolved over centuries to resist the adverse climatic conditions of the Aegean, such as very strong winds, drought, intense sunlight and humidity.

A modern interpretation of this traditional Mykonian architecture was used in the remodeling of the Andronikos Hotel. Through a total renovation that is gradually being implemented, the 13 rooms of the existing 57 are fully designed and rebuilt, according to the principles of "clean line", simplicity, liquidity and surprise element.

The interior of each room was designed with walls that deliberately deviate from the absolute verticality to enhance the perspective and impart a striking feel and plasticity to space. At the same time, they are sculpted inwards. The furniture is designed in the same philosophy, built as an extension of the walls.

Materials such as gypsum, bamboo canes, plasterboard, glass, pebbles, mirrors and floor cement were used in unconventional ways and combinations to make rooms suitable for absolute relaxation.

Lighting has also been a very important point of design, since artificial hidden lighting, which has been chosen with the option of multiple color scenarios, fully reveals the particular interior architecture of the premises.