Photo from the project Renovation of Suites in Mykonos

Renovation of Suites in Mykonos

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Suites renovation at Drafaki, Mykonos. Specialized works of forged cement on floors and walls, repair and replacement of electrical and plumbing installations. Dry construction systems, ie constructions without the use of traditional materials (concrete, bricks, cement, sand, lime etc), have been applied, but with the help of standardized new technology products (gypsum board, cement board, fibreboard and mineral fiber). The works included special architectural structures with plasterboard to create, among others, benches and sofas.

Adoption of local styles in painting and furniture manufacturing, while special attention was paid to the study and installation of lighting.

Construction of a wooden pergola on the balcony of the room. The wooden pergola is a very common structure which its manufacturing technology adapts on the functions for which it is intended. It is used in courtyards, corridors, parks, playgrounds, rooftops, climbing plants (arbors, honeysuckle, jasmine) and for supporting shade systems from reed or awning.