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Stone Residence Construction

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Construction of a stone residence in Attica by ROTOR SA.

One of the ways of building houses is the stone construction. Stone houses are clearly very elegant and perfectly in harmony with the natural environment.

A basic feature of a stone house is its seismicity. Also, the stone houses are suitable for their residents wellbeing, without the need for an external thermal face, since the stone construction makes the building ecological and non-energy-intensive.

They have a huge lifespan when they are properly made. The walls are 50 cm thick with internal concrete slabs of reinforced concrete.

Inside as well as externally, it is possible to be sanctified and painted, but usually for reasons of aesthetics, the surfaces remain with the stone evident, as was the case in the specific work.

In the stone houses, a concrete platform is built (reinforced concrete) and the house is built on it.

At the corners of the building and in the openings of doors and windows, there are cornerstones. A tile roof covers the house from above.

The exterior frames of the building are made of aluminum sections, with thermal break. In kitchens and bathrooms they are opened, with tilting.