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Throughout the life of an installation, the need for maintenance of building projects is prominent.

Maintenance ranging from simple routine maintenance and damage restoration to the radical repair required by changing the terms of use of a space, or the need for complete restoration by continuous, repeated and extensive damage to the building installation.

ROTOR SA, in a professional manner, has been rebuilding and redeveloping over the years exterior facades of buildings and the surrounding area, as well as thermal overhangs, building work, house coatings and business premises.

For our successful work, we rely on our well-trained and experienced technicians and our crew who oversees responsibly any work assigned. We design every work according to the dimensions, space specifications, but also your needs or desires, emphasizing to the aesthetic result.

Consult us to set the "right foundations"

ROTOR SA, through integrated procedures, manages building work, from problem size recognition, design, specifications, counting, costing, execution, monitoring and supervision of projects, testing and delivery, meeting the requirements, meeting the commitments, covering the quantitative and qualitative specifications of a project, within the framework of the facility's functionality and the defined limitation timeframe.

Construction work includes: buildings, coatings, concrete work, mock-ups.

ROTOR SA will direct you to a competitive budget for your business construction or renovation