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What is the ideal floor for your space? The aesthetic and know-how of ROTOR will direct you to the right choice.

What is the ideal floor for your space?


Natural and vibrant material that exudes a sense of warmth in your space. Its fibers absorb moisture by providing high levels of thermal insulation, while the processing it has undergone, and the dyes protect it over time.

Available in pre-sealed (boards have been polished beforehand) that can be easily and quickly installed. It is also environmentally friendly because its reduced thickness requires less wood consumption of up to 40%. On the other hand, there is also pre-pressed solid flooring, which consists of the same kind of wood and has a thickness reaching 21 mm. This one offers excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation. The handmade, obsolete floor has been specially treated on the final surface, so its face looks tricky and traditional. In general, you are taking care to protect the wooden floor from the sun by cleaning it with a slightly damp cloth while taking care not to pull the furniture over it to prevent it from cracking.

The aesthetics and know-how of ROTOR SA will guide you to the right choice.


It looks like a wooden floor, except that this one is shinier. It is resistant to friction and knocks, does not absorb stains and is easy to clean. Its planks are thin, and this type of floor is more suitable for business spaces.


Its glossy surface gives it an air of luxury. In addition, the material includes its resistance to moisture and deformations.


Available in many designs and materials, they are easy to clean and durable. Porcelain is considered superior in quality than ceramics. In recent years many new varieties of tiles have been created, reminiscent of granite, terracotta and others.