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Lighting is what will aesthetically and harmonically showcase your space, based on the decoration you have chosen. A space requires the right combination of colors and furniture, but the factor that will make the ultimate difference is the right lighting. Studying the indoor lighting according to their use is of highly importance when designing the renovation. Lighting should be functional in accordance with the use of the facilities highlighting the aesthetics of the objects.

The total illumination of a space is a combination of the following:

General lighting

Φωτισμός άνετος ασφαλής για την κίνηση ή την παραμονή στον χώρο. Ομοιόμορφος προς όλες τις επιφάνειες του χώρου. Τα κλασσικά κρεμαστά φωτιστικά, επιδαπέδια ή επιτραπέζια διακοσμητικά φωτιστικά, απλίκες τοίχου και χωνευτά ή εξωτερικά φωτιστικά στην οροφή.

Emphasis lighting - highlighting the decorative elements of the space

Built-in luminaires capable of rotating the beam or small moving light sources can accentuate and make a decorative element very nice.

Decorative lighting

It animates and accentuates the colors, while enhancing the feeling of a warm and friendly atmosphere. Lighting from the bottom to the top on the vertical wall surfaces creates impressive results. Using table lights on low furniture, we define the space by highlighting the height and giving a theatrical aura. Besides, the shadow and not the light is what reveals and highlights the shape and texture of the surfaces and objects. Indirect hidden lighting that highlights decorative architectural elements of the space. Indirect-ceiling lighting gives height and emphasis to the boundaries of space.

Local lighting or working lights

Lighting in the kitchen above workbenches. Use mobile floor or table lights to read while relaxing or use such lighting at work in an office.

Information and orientation lighting indoors and outdoors

Place small light sources on the stairs, illuminate indoors in wardrobes.

In order to have a complete successful lighting study, it must be done based on all the needs, aesthetic and functional, of a specific space, using the lighting types mentioned above.