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Painting & Decoration

Colors are an important factor in decorating an interior space and they create feelings with the first glance. The color options on the wall and ceiling surfaces combined with the floor of a space, give the illusion that it is larger or smaller, higher or lower, while at the same time they can radically alter the impression of a space, readjusting functions and the way a space may look.

What is the ideal color that suits your own space?

The walls of your home or office are the surfaces that surround you and in which you spend a significant part of your life. A good, visual effect will improve your space and enhance your everyday life.

Rotor undertakes responsibly all types of paintings in homes, shops, offices using the best colors of the Greek and foreign companies market.

If you have had enough with the usual paintings, we suggest alternative techniques such as splatters, artistic styling features, oil paints and upholstery or ready-to-use wall stickers to choose the technique that suits you the most.

Renew the aesthetics of your space now!

ROTOR Crew Members are consisted of experienced painters and we undertake, even on a short notice, painting of interior and exterior spaces applying ecological colors in homes and apartments, town-houses, apartment buildings, shops, hotels, offices and companies, all at competitive price. Also, we undertake stunts moisture damages, roof insulations and all kinds of laboring.